LdSH(RC) Regimental Society and

Ceremonial Mounted Troop

Board of Directors

Chairman:  Colonel (retired) Greg Hug

Senior Regimental Advisor:  Lieutenant-Colonel Eric Angell

Society Operations Advisor:  Major Al Wong

Senior NCM Advisor:  Chief Warrant Officer Rob Clarke

Vice Chair and Society Secretary:  Lieutenant-Colonel (retired) John Stuckart

Treasurer:  Captain Colin Peterson

Former Colonel of the Regiment:  Colonel (retired) John Roderick       

Senior Serving Strathcona:  Brigadier-General Trevor Cadieu       
Regimental Colonel:  Colonel Dwayne Parsons       
Former Commanding Officer:  Colonel (retired) Jim Ellis       
Former Commanding Officer:  Brigadier-General (retired) Craig Hilton       
Former Regimental Sergeant Major: Chief Warrant Officer Bill Crabb       
Former Regimental Sergeant Major:  Currently Vacant      
Former Regimental Sergeant Major: Chief Warrant Officer Walt Laughlin       
President of the Regimental Association:  Mr. Brad Norman       
Strathcona Guild Chair:  Mr. Josh Bilyk       
Civilian Director: Mr. Sol Rolingher

Civilian Director: Mr. Ross Prokopy

Civilian Director: Currently Vacant