Warrant Officer C.P. Zubkowski

Squadron Sergeant Major A Squadron

WO Christopher Zubkowski was born in Calgary, Alberta.  He joined the Regiment in February of 1997, after completing TQ3 Armoured and Coyote gunnery at CFB Gagetown.

After being badged as a Strathcona, he joined Recce Squadron in time for their re-organization into an infantry company for Op PALLADIUM in Bosnia. WO Zubkowski deployed as a rifleman with B Company LdSH(RC).  Upon re-deployment in 1998, he was employed as a Coyote gunner and once again deployed overseas as part of Op KINETIC to Kosovo in June of 1999. WO Zubkowski remained at the Regiment until 2003 before being deployed to Bosnia with C Squadron for another tour on Op PALLADIUM.  After his third deployment, WO Zubkowski was moved to Headquarters Squadron to work in the RQ warehouse as a Combat Storesman.

In 2005, WO Zubkowski was posted to the Armour School in Gagetown, New Brunswick, where he was initially employed in the TQ shop.  While at the Armour School, he completed his Primary Leadership Qualification and the Armoured Recce Crew Commander course. He was promoted to Master Corporal in 2007 and became an instructor, teaching on the Armoured DP1 course.  He completed his Tank Crew Commander course in the spring of 2009 just before returning to Edmonton for another tour of Regimental duty.

Upon his return to Edmonton, WO Zubkowski was placed in A Squadron as the Battle Captain’s loader.  Fall of 2009 was the beginning of pre-deployment training for Op ATHENA, where he held the position of the Troop Sergeant for First Troop. He deployed to Afghanistan in April of 2010 and was promoted to Sergeant in July of 2010.  After his Afghanistan deployment, WO Zubkowski remained a part of A Squadron until October of 2012 when he was sent to Strathcona Mounted Troop to be the Troop WO.

In the fall of 2013, WO Zubkowski completed his Armoured Recce Troop Warrant’s course. He was promoted to his current rank of Warrant Officer on Christmas of 2013, just in time to return to B Squadron as the Troop WO for Third Troop.  He remained there, until July 2016, at which time he became the SQMS for A Squadron and helped prepare the Squadron for their deployment to Op UNIFIER. 

In January 2017, he was moved to his current position of acting A Squadron Sergeant Major.


WO Zubkowski has been married to Patricia since September 2000. They have 2 children, Robert and Mikayla.