Master Warrant Officer S Brown

Squadron Sergeant Major Recce Squadron


Master Warrant Officer Scott Brown was born in Carleton Place, Ontario.  He joined the Strathcona’s in October of 1997, after completing basic training in St Jean and TQ3 at CFB Wainwright.

He started his regimental life as a Coyote driver in 1 Troop, Recce Squadron, deploying in this position to Kosovo in 1999 on Op KINETIC and to Afghanistan in 2002.  After being employed in various positions within a Coyote troop he was move to Assault Troop where he spent the next several years.  During this time, he was a member of first Cambrian Patrol Team to obtain a silver medal in Wales, and completed two Mountain Man competitions.  He was then employed in the Recce Squadron’s SQMS as a stores man and deployed to Kabul in 2004 for a second tour in Afghanistan.  When he returned he completed his PLQ/ARCC, was promoted to the rank of Master Corporal, and moved to B Squadron.

MWO Brown was employed as the 23C Tank Commander and served in Afghanistan for a third time, with the first tank squadron to be deployed to the country.  Following this tour, he completed his Patrol Commander’s Course in Gagetown, was promoted to the rank of Sergeant, and returned to rebuild Recce Squadron, as it had been collapsed to support the Regiment’s requirement to deploy successive the tank squadrons.  He was then posted to the Royal Canadian Armour Corps School in 2008.

While at the Armour School he was employed as an instructor with both A and B Squadrons.  He was sent to Germany twice as a shadow instructor while soldiers of the Regiment were trained on the Leopard 2A6M.  He was then employed as a Course Warrant Officer, completed his DP3 Troop Warrant Officer course, and promoted to the rank of Warrant Officer in 2011.

In the summer of 2011, MWO Brown returned to the Regiment to be employed as a Troop Warrant Officer in Recce Squadron.  Subsequently, he was employed as Recce Squadron’s Operations Warrant Officer.  In January 2013, he was moved to Headquarters Squadron as the SQMS and remained in this position for two and an half years with secondary duties as PMC of the SARCEE Room, and escort to the Guidon.  

MWO Brown returned to B Squadron in July 2015 and was honoured to be appointed it’s Sergeant-Major.  He is an avid outdoorsman and crazy for fishing.  He has been married to his wonderful wife Trish Brown since 2006, and has 2 amazing boys Riley and Clay Brown.