About the Regiment

Regimental Features

Uniform: Scarlet
Facing Colour: Myrtle Green
Plume: Red and White
Regimental March:

"Soldiers of the Queen"
Motto: Perseverance
Manual:  The Regimental Manual Second Edition.pdf (revised July 2004)

Allied Regiment of the British Army: Queens Royal Lancers

Partnered with: 

10 (Polish) Armour Calvary Brigade 

Lord Strathcona's Horse (Royal Canadians) is an Armoured Regiment within the Canadian Forces. It is comprised of Regimental Headquarters, along with 4 Squadrons, each of which is unique within its lines.

The Regimental Birthday

Although the lineage of the Regiment dates back to the creation of the School of Mounted Infantry in 1885 and subsequently the Canadian Mounted Rifles and The Royal Canadian Dragoons, the birth date of the Strathcona's is considered to be 1 February 1900. This was the day on which the Regiment was authorized to be formed with the publication of Militia General Order No. 26. The Regimental birthday is celebrated in conjunction with "Strathcona Day" which is the day the Melfa River Crossing is honoured, this is usually held on or close to 24 May each year, but it is however subject to training and operational commitments