Master Warrant Officer R Baglole

Technical Quartermaster Sergeant


MWO Robert Baglole was born in Summerside, P.E.I.  He joined the Regiment in Sept of 1995 as a component transfer from the PEIR.

He started his Regimental life as a MLVW driver in Regimental Transport in Calgary. In July 1996 he moved to Edmonton where he was employed as a Cougar driver with A Sqn and deployed to Bosnia as 13A Driver in 1997.  Upon the Squadrons return, they rerolled into a tank Sqn where he completed his Leopard driver’s course and drove 13C for the next year.   In 1999 he was in C Sqn as the Battle Captains driver and he deployed to Kosovo as the Liason Officers Grizzly, tank driver.  In 2000 he completed his PLQ and Leopard C2 gunners’ courses.  In 2002 he moved to RHQ as the Operations and Training clerk.  

In 2003 he was promoted to the rank of MCpl and posted to the Armour School where he taught DP1’s for the next 2 years.  In 2005 He was selected to work with DLR as part of the ICT for the RG31 deploying to Kongsberg, Norway, Johannesburg, South Africa for Initial Cadre training and than to Afghanistan on a TAV in 2006.  

In August 2006 he was promoted to the rank of Sgt and started teaching tactics courses at the Armour School, over the next 3 years he would spend much of his time in the Lawfield0 corridor in Gagetown, NB teaching the future Tank and RECCE Crew Commanders as well as numerous future Troop Leaders of the Armoured Corps.

In 2009 he was promoted to the rank of WO and was posted back to the Regiment where he was employed as a Tank Troop Warrant (12A) deploying to Afghanistan with Task Force 1-10.   

In June 2012 - Mar 2013 MWO Baglole was employed as the SQMS of B Sqn where he endeavoured to keep the Sqn supplied.   In June 2013 MWO Baglole moved to HQ Sqn as the Regimental Transport Warrant Officer which kept him very busy ensuring the Regiments transportation needs were met. 


In January of 2015, MWO Baglole moved to Recce Squadron and is currently employed as the Squadron Sergeant-Major.

MWO Baglole is married to Pam and they have two children Maxim and Jessica.