Warrant Officer H Babin

Operations Warrant Officer


Warrant Officer Hugo Babin was born in Gaspé, Québec.  He joined the RCAC in August of 1996, and after completing basic training in St Jean and TQ3 at CFB Gagetown, he was posted to the 12e RBC in Valcartier.

He started his Regimental life as a M113 and Coyote driver within Fourth Troop, Recce Squadron, deploying in this position to Bosnia in 1999 and 2001 on Op PALLADIUM.  After being employed in various positions within a Recce troop he was posted to the Armour School in Gagetown in 2003.  During this time, he was employed in several positions, including driver, senior driver, Admin NCO and DP1 instructor.  He was promoted to MCpl in 2005 and in 2006 he was posted back to the 12e RBC as a crew commander of C/S 62F in preparation for his deployment in Afghanistan with A Sqn (12eRBC) during the winter of 2007-2008.  Upon his return, he became qualified as an Armoured Recce Patrol Commander and was promoted to the rank of Sergeant during the summer of 2008 after his Army Direct Fire Specialist course held in Gagetown. Immediately after this, he assumed the role of a Patrol Commander within A Sqn (12eRBC) and was further assigned as the Regimental Gunnery Warrant Officer.

In 2009, WO Babin was posted to the 1st Canadian Division Headquarters in Kingston as the Operations and Training NCO.  In 2012, WO Babin was promoted to his current rank of Warrant Officer and was posted back to Gagetown as a Troop Warrant with C Sqn RCD Det Gagetown before being rotated back into the training system in 2014 as a Course Warrant with A Sqn at the Armour School. The following year, WO Babin was employed within RCACS RHQ as the Training Warrant.

In 2015, WO Babin re-badged from 12eRBC to LdSH(RC) while at the Armour School.  In the summer of 2016, WO Babin came to Edmonton where he was employed within B Sqn as SQMS for a short period of time before moving to RHQ to assume the position of Regimental Operations Warrant Officer where he further serves as one of the Regimental Guidon’s escorts.

WO Babin loves all things mechanic or anything making noise and smoke. He also loves going camping with his amazing wife Kathleen Breau and the two monsters Samuel and Elise.