Major M.D.C Johns

Officer Commanding HQ Squadron


Major Matt Johns was born and raised in Ottawa, ON, and enrolled in the Canadian Armed Forces in 2005.  Upon completion of phase training he was posted to Lord Strathcona’s Horse (Royal Canadians) in 2006.

Arriving at the Regiment he was afforded the honour of serving as Troop Leader for 1st Troop, C Squadron.  He deployed to Afghanistan as part of the 3ième Bataillon 22ième Régiment Royale Battle-Group in 2007.  In that role he was the first troop leader to employ the Leopard 2A6M main battle tank in operations.  Returning from tour, Major Johns was employed as the Regimental Accounts Officer/Regimental Liaison Officer.  After successfully spending all the Regiment’s money he fled Edmonton in 2009.

Posted to Canadian Forces Base Suffield he served as the Base G3 Operations and Base G1 for three years.  Beyond these somewhat normal duties he also chaired the Ralston Rodeo committee, for which he was awarded a Chairman’s Rodeo Buckle (with honours) on behalf of the Base.  It should be noted his selection was entirely based on his being a “cavalry officer”, regardless of the fact that he grew up in a city.

Major Johns returned to Lord Strathcona’s Horse (Royal Canadians) in 2012 as Battle Captain and Second-in-Command of A Squadron.  In these roles he participated in Exercises STEELE SABRE, PROMETHEAN RAM and MAPLE RESOLVE as part of the 1st Battalion Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry Battle-Group.  In 2013 he became Second-in-Command Headquarters Squadron on the day that the Regiment deployed as the Immediate Response Unit vanguard in support of Operation LENTUS, the Southern Alberta floods.  Only the quick thinking and skill of his troops saved him on that occasion.

In 2014 Major Johns was posted to 1 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group Headquarters as the Chief of Staff Coordination officer.  Upon promotion in 2015 he assumed the duties of the Brigade G1 until 2016.  He returned to the Regiment in June 2016, assuming command of A Squadron.  Once again the skill and dedication of his soldiers ensured that he looked far more impressive than he should have; with A Squadron winning the inaugural Regimental Trident competition and performing to the highest degree.

Along with much of the Regiment Major Johns deployed to Ukraine as part of Operation UNIFIER Roto 3.  In that capacity he served as the S5 (Plans) officer for the American Brigade HQ and enjoyed the coolest of call signs: THUNDERBIRD-35.  Upon his return he assumed command of Headquarters Squadron, or as he likes to call it: home.

Major Johns has a Bachelor of Arts degree in History from the University of Ottawa and is somewhat infamously known as a city transit driver before becoming an armoured officer.  He is a graduate of the Army Operations Course and the Combat Team Commander’s Course.  He is married to his most patient and loving wife, Krista, and they have a paratrooper in training, Charlie.