Captain M.C. Dullege

2IC Headquarters Squadron
Captain Mike Dullege was born in Newmarket, Ontario, and joined the CAF in 2006 under the CEOTP program. He completed his phase training and was affiliated to Lord Strathcona’s Horse (Royal Canadians) in December 2008, followed by a posting westward.

During his first Regimental tour he was employed as the Assistant Ops O prior to being promoted to Lieutenant and assuming command of the Brigade Recce Troop 6-0.  In 2010 he participated in Op PODIUM, the CAF assistance to an RCMP-led security effort for the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, after which becoming a Troop Leader in B Sqn on tanks until 2011.  In May 2011 he deployed to Camp Dubbs in Afghanistan, mentoring an Afghan logistics officer.  After returning to Canada, he was posted to the Armour School and employed as an instructor.  He completed his degree, a bachelor’s in Military Arts and Sciences from RMCC, in June and was posted back to Edmonton in July 2015.  

On return to the Regiment, he was employed as Battle Captain, A Sqn, before being selected to deploy to Ukraine with the 2nd Bn, PPCLI.  He was WSE’d to Major throughout JTF-U, Roto 2, and began completing master’s degree courses while on tour.  He returned to Canada in March 2017 where he was briefly employed as 2IC HQ Sqn then, on the A/OC’s departure, stepped into the A/OC role between May and November that year.  On the return of JTF-U, Roto 3, he reverted back to 2IC HQ Sqn.  He completed his master’s degree in Security Management in December 2017.

Mike has been married to his wonderful wife Christie for almost 16 years, and he has two children, daughter, Madison, and son, Logan.  When not working he plays Metallica on his guitar, rides his Harley-Davidson into the sunset, tries to practice his French “skills”, and numerous other military dude clichés.