Captain DA Gray

Operations Officer


Captain Dan Gray enrolled in the Canadian Armed Forces as an Armour Officer in 2003 under the ROTP program.  After completing a BA in history from UNB Fredericton and the remainder of his phase training, he was posted to Lord Strathcona’s Horse (Royal Canadians) in Edmonton, AB in late 2007. 

Shortly after being posted to the Regiment, he became a Tank Troop Leader in C Squadron and began work-up training for Task Force 1-09.  In March 2009, he deployed to Afghanistan with the 2e R22R Battle Group as a Tank Troop Leader.  After returning from Afghanistan, he became the Strathcona Mounted Troop Leader for the 2010 ride season.

In 2011, he was posted the Royal Canadian Armour Corps School in Gagetown, NB as an instructor.  During that period, he taught on all armour courses, both tank and reconnaissance from the crew to troop level.   After instructing, he was posted to Standards Squadron, responsible for standardization and training of armour tactics courses.

In 2013, he was posted back to Edmonton, and after completing French training, was posted back to the Regiment as the Battle Captain of Reconnaissance Squadron.  Upon completion of his time as Battle Captain, he remained in Reconnaissance Squadron as the Second in Command until leaving the Squadron to assume the role of Regimental Operations Officer.

When he is not at work, Captain Gray enjoys hunting, camping, and playing hockey.  He is happily married to his wife Amie, has a son, Henry and a dog, Otis.