Lieutenant-Colonel E. Angell

Commanding Officer
A native of Saskatchewan, Lieutenant-Colonel Eric Angell joined the Canadian Army in 1997 as an Armoured Officer under the Regular Officer Training Programme. He attended the Royal Military College of Canada, graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Military and Strategic Studies. He subsequently was commissioned into the Royal Canadian Dragoons in 2001 following his Armoured Officer Training. He joined Lord Strathcona’s Horse (Royal Canadians) in 2004.

His formative years were as a Reconnaissance Troop Leader in Petawawa and as Directing Staff at the Armoured School in Gagetown. After proudly joining Lord Strathcona’s Horse (Royal Canadians) he has served as Battle Captain and Second-in-Command A Squadron, Second-in-Command Reconnaissance Squadron and Regimental Adjutant. Lieutenant-Colonel Angell has had the privilege to command at the Tank Squadron (A) and Combat Team levels.

Lieutenant-Colonel Angell’s staff experience has been largely in the operations and training domain at the formation, Division, Army and National Defence HQ levels. Importantly, he has benefited from the mentorship of some of the Canadian Armed Force’s finest warriors as the Tank Team Leader at the Canadian Manoeuvre Training Centre, Executive Assistant to Commander 4th Canadian Division and as a staff officer in Chief of Force Development working on Strong, Secure, Engaged: Canada’s Defence Policy. His most rewarding staff appointment was as the Coordinator for the Chief of Staff Army Strategy from 2017-2018, where he had the privilege to work for two Strathcona General Officers.

Lieutenant-Colonel Angell has participated in two overseas operations; as the Senior Duty Officer in 2003-04 on Operation Palladium Rotation 13 in Zgon, Bosnia, and as Battle Captain A Squadron in 2007 on Operation Athena Rotation 3 in Afghanistan. He is a graduate of the Joint Command and Staff Programme and holds a Master’s Degree in Military and Defence Studies from the Royal Military College of Canada.

Lieutenant-Colonel Angell is most fortunate to have an amazing family, his wife Major Lena Angell and daughters Abigail and Lily. He organizes his life by family and friends, the Army, hunting and fishing; in that exact order.