3rd Canadian Division’s Command Team visits Operation UNIFIER

Major Chris Hartwick

The 3rd Canadian Division command team, BGen T. Cadieu and CWO S.D. Stevens, visited Joint Task Force Ukraine (JTF-U) during their Eastern European circulation following a 10 day visit to the Canadian led Battle Group in Latvia. Their stay with Op UNIFIER Roto 3 allowed the new Division Command Team to observe some of the Division’s finest in action, mentoring and working with the Ukrainian Armed Forces at the International Peacekeeping and Security Center (IPSC) in Yavoriv, Ukraine. BGen Cadieu had an opportunity to meet with senior Ukrainian officers to discuss ongoing efforts at the IPSC to develop its training capacity and the Combat Training Center’s (CTC) instructor cadre.

Following the morning’s briefs, 3rd Division Command Team hit the field to observe Line of Effort 1 at work as they mentored their CTC counterparts during the platoon phase of the 55 day training cycle. BGen Cadieu and CWO Stevens linked up with some of our troops during recce and dry platoon attack training. Following the training area circulation, a town hall was conducted at Canada House where awards were presented along with motivating words of appreciation for what JTF-U is accomplishing in Ukraine. With beers in hand, the soldiers had the opportunity to converse with their Division Command Team and share a few stories from their time during the deployment.