Moreuil Wood 2018


The Regiment recently received a poem written by Ms. Lamont Mackay, whose father was wounded at Moreuil Wood in 1918. Her brother, Bob Mackay, is the author of Soldier of the Horse. To read the poem, please follow the following link.


March 30, 1918 poem


As we close on the dates for both the Edmonton and France elements of the Centennial Battle of Moreuil Wood, the Regiment would once again like to provide you with an update on the details of the various activities.

Edmonton Commemoration

UPDATE - March 2018

22 March 2018:

  • 0800 hrs – Pre-Parade reception for members and guests of the Sarcee
  • 0900 hrs – Pre-Parade receptions for members and guests of the Mariner Room
  • 0950 hrs – Guests Seated – LTF Drill Hall
  • 1000 hrs – Commencement of the Annual Moreuil Wood Parade – LTF Drill Hall
  • 1200 hrs – Stand-up luncheon – Regimental Lines
  • 1230-1600 hrs – Open House showcasing Flowerdew and Harvey’s Victoria Crosses, a wide variety of military memorabilia, and Regiment’s vehicles and equipment.

In addition, the Regimental kit shop will be open and have available a number of items to commemorate the centennial of Moreuil Wood to include prints, coins, lances, gin, etc.  All items are limited quantity and numbered.  Don’t wait for the 200th anniversary to get your items!

Children and families are highly encouraged to attend the day’s activities.

France Commemoration

UPDATE - March 2018
29 March 2018:
  • 1800 hrs: Ball hockey game between the townspeople of Moreuil and the soldiers of SMT

30 March 2018:

  • 0900hrs: Commemoration at the Canadian Monument - Parking is along the hi-way
  • 0945hrs: Arrive at the Moreuil Wood and form-up - Parking will be at the junction of the two main paths leading to the wood
  • 1000hrs: Commemoration at Moreuil Wood -  To include laying of flowers by family members of those who saw action at the battle of Moreuil Wood and Recreation of C Squadron’s famous charge
  • 115hrs: Commemoration at the Commonwealth Cemetery
  • 1130hrs: Parade in the streets of Moreuil - We will march from the Commonwealth cemetery to the War Memorial in front of City Hall (approx. 1km).  Parking will be limited in the area around the cemetery
  • 1215 hrs: Commemoration at the Moreuil War Memorial downtown Moreuil
  • 1230 hrs: Lunch at the “Antoine Vitez” room (located behind City Hall) - Parking is available in front of the venue. Light Lunch with cash bar available (consists of sandwich, cheese and vegetable plates) at a cost of 5 Euro / person
  • 1930 hrs: Commemoration in the town of Thézy-Gilmont - To include a fireworks show, and actual videos of Canadian soldiers enjoying drinks within the town during the Great War.  Parking will be in and around town
  • 2000 hrs: Musical Supper at the Café - Will includes music from the Somme Battlefield Piper Band (SBPD).
  •  Dinner will cost 25 Euro / person and will consist of:
    • A starter
    • Main dish of Beef carbonnade with vegetable and mashed potatoes
    • A dessert dish
    • Vegetarian meals are available by request for those with dietary restrictions

31 March 2018:

  • 1000 hrs: Freedom of the City Parade - Parking for this event will be in the lot behind City Hall.  Spectators of the parade will gather on the parking lot in front of City Hall.  Due to security limitations, this parade has become a static event.  The Regt will be awarded the Keys to the City by the Mayor of Moreuil.
  • 1100 hrs: Moreuil Church - A church service is planned with musical accompaniment of the SBPD and the Moreuil Choir.
  • 1230 hrs: Lunch - Located in the “Antoine Vitez” room.  A light lunch with an open bar offered at a cost of 15 Euro / person
  • 1500 hrs: SMT Ride demonstration - Located at “Domaine du Pâtis”.  Parking is available in the area
  • 2000 hrs: Gala dinner - Will be held in the “Antoine Vitez” room.  Parking is located in front of the building.
  • The dinner will cost 40 Euro / person and will consist of

               -A starter

               -Main dish of Pork loin with potatoes

               -Cheese tray


               -Vegetarian meals are available by request for those with dietary restrictions

               -Cash bar is available

General Notes for France:

An exhibition has been organized from March 26 to April 6th, at Moreuil Cultural Center (2 Gambetta St) focussing on WWI (1914-1918), with a large selection of military memorabilia and items from this period on display.  Access is free for all.


For more information or to make dinner reservations please contact M. Jean Paul Brunel via phone +33 03 22 09 7550 or via e-mail at


Note: all Strathconas that are part of the Moreuil Wood Regimental contingent are automatically RSVP’d to all dinners and lunches by the Regt.  If you are attending on your own you are encouraged to contact Maj Wong, to identify your intent to participate in any of the above mentioned activities or have any questions.

Battle Field Tour - UPDATE-September 2017:  Registration for the Battle Field Tour is now closed. This trip is not a scientific tour of the area of operations the Regt worked in during the Great War. Although the Regt played some significant roles in several actions and battles in different areas throughout the First World War, most of those areas have returned to the private farmland they were previous to the conflict, and there are no memorials to the action. However with the centenary of the war that is now coming to a close, the French Government has planned and invested in the cleanup and care of all the WW1 monuments and museums that can educate and tell the story. For us there are several areas in France and Flanders that we can visit in order to explain what happened during the conflict so this tour will concentrate on the Canadian contribution working from the Ypres Salient, through the Somme and ending up in the area of Amiens and the Battle that means the most to our Regiment.  Edmonton Travel Agency has created an Strathcona MW Tour Brochure for your convenience.

Regimental Society Fundraiser

Own a piece of Strathcona History


You can support Lord Strathcona’s Horse (Royal Canadians) Regimental Society’s effort to send soldiers to France to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Moreuil Wood. 
The Regimental Society has produced an extremely limited run of commemorative lances that will soon be available to the general public.  In recognition of this milestone anniversary, only 100 serialized lances will made.  Since Lt Flowerdew was only 33 years of age when he led his Squadron during this Battle, the serialized lances will be available in either 33 commemorative singles or 33 commemorative sets (each set containing two lances). The final serialized lance will be kept on permanent display in the Harvey Building at Steele Barracks.
Non-serialized, compact size lances will also be available beginning in November 2017.  

Click the picture for more information.

Click this link to download the order form.

If you have any difficulties opening the above documents, please email for assistance.

How Can You Help?

If you are interested in supporting the Regimental Society's Moreuil Wood 2018 initiatives, we would first like to thank you for your consideration. For your convenience the Society has a number of donation options available, and we encourage you to visit our How You Can Help page for more information.  It is recommended that if you use the PayPal one time donation option that you please ensure that you make note that your contribution is to be used for Moreuil Wood 2018 by either making a note in the "Please use funds towards" box (see picture to the left) or by sending an email to after you have completed your donation request.